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As executive search consultants, Amrop in Turkey has been providing consultancy and advice to its clients since 1996 to help meet their leadership requirements.

Our client service is distinguished by our focus on the assessment of leadership, and scientific and systematic search methodology which is registered as its own trademark in 2004 as '360° Executive Search' in Turkey (360 derece Beyinavi). Backed by extensive worldwide industrial and functional expertise, our consultants use their knowledge to broaden client perspectives and challenge the status quo in their mission to find the type of executive needed to propel the business forward. The incorporation of leadership assessment tools and search procedures allows Amrop in Turkey to effectively identify leadership potential. As a result of successfully implementing these assessment tools and the 360° search procedures, we continuously improves our internal service quality.

In Turkey, on all assignments, we focus all our efforts on ensuring an excellent standard of client service, timely delivery and high quality candidates. We seek open and honest dialogue with both clients and candidates throughout the process, challenge clients on their requirements and offer valuable advice to candidates on their future careers. We provide high level consultancy and advice to our clients, not just the candidates.


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