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Originally founded in 1996, Ezek provided Executive Search & Selection, Executive Development and Interim Management Services. Since then, we have further developed a significant reputation for:

o Providing Expertise through our Consulting & Interim Management Divisions, o Finding exceptional Talent for Organisations and, o Providing relative and successful Career & Employee Management/Development advice

Our practices Include:

Financial Services, Defence & Engineering, Health & Science, Lease Finance, Funding, Legal Leisure, Retail, Property, Asset Management Purchasing & Supply … alongside Career Management/Development and associated services

Our specialist skills are in …

a) Executive Development: Our Development programmes generate enhanced performance from individuals and groups who rarely have time to take stock, let alone attend generic training courses, which are often wide of the mark in terms of meeting their needs. They enable the acceptance and adoption of different behavioural strategies by allowing individuals to see the necessity of change in relation to key business outcomes.

b) Search & Selection: Finding the 'right' person is no easy task. Both time-consuming and laborious, the process can easily take your eye off the 'real' ball of running the business. At the same time, whilst many organisations have some expertise in Selection & Managing recruitment processes, very few corporate functions can boast of those attributes, which true search demands. By utilising the Ezek Search & Selection service you will be able to:

o Reach the majority of successful people who will not respond to typical recruitment methods because they’re not thinking of a career move. o Save internal resources & executive time. o Meet urgent recruitment deadlines at the earliest opportunity. o Ensure strict confidentiality when sourcing from competitors. o Have candidates' CV career achievements validated by thorough verbal referencing procedures. o Portray the most accurate & positive image of your organisation to potential employees. o Ezek guarantees not just the best of who is available, but simply the best out there.

c) Interim Management: Ezek Interim Management provides Professional/Project Specialists to organisations looking for more flexible resourcing solutions. The service covers two areas: i) project roles where internal resources cannot provide the specialist skills & experience required; ii) business critical line roles that are unoccupied for a temporary period, but require cover. What we do comprises four stages: i) Understanding your needs, ii) Identifying potential candidates, iii) Interview & assessment & iv) Managing the offer.

d) Career Management & Development Services: We have a long running history in extremely successful career counselling. Providing advice on Career Development/Management alongside the creation and improvement of the all-important CV. We have recently made our service range available on line at www.yourcareer.co.uk and this site, alongside various Career related offerings incorporates our highly successful online Career Management Software Package, ‘Career Advisor’.

How we can help you …

At Ezek our view is that organisations are increasingly recognising that success, and sometimes survival, depends more upon combinations of expertise and less on the type of employment contract that ties the expertise to the organisation. Today, our clients range from smaller developing companies to major international Corporates and Public Sector organisations.

The question of course is why should you decide to use us over and above your usual supplier? Not surprisingly there is no text that will ever convince you to take such a decision. You know that and we know that. We certainly would not buy services like ours from the written page. The only way we are ever going to convince you is if you call us and talk to us about what we do and how we do it, and even then that is only going to take us to another meeting where we can get to know each other a little better. You will only buy when you have sufficient confidence in us. We know that and you only get that, if we get to talk.

Of course we could rabbit on with more and more words but really is that going to help either of us. Call us now on 0870 458 6678 or email john@ezek.com and let's give the chemistry a chance to work. Because that's what really counts isn't it?

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