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Amrop Referal is comprised of four consultants with a combined experience of over 80 years in the industry. Our mission is to offer our clients efficient consulting support to help them match their management team with the strategic and operational plans of their respective organisations. Our firm is national in scope, independent of any other organisation, with 100% Spanish capital, and owned by the partners-consultants.

We are fully focussed on providing the best service to our client. Our Expertise One of the pillars of our activity is our marked orientation to research: Only by maintaining up to date knowledge of business sectors and the evolution of companies we can, in a reasonable period of time, define the right research strategy. This methodology allows us to narrow the search area and maximise the expectations of success. Our methodology requires a permanent contact with our client, with whom we share the information arising from the research process. This constitutes an added value that our method offers our clients.

We have worked successfully in most sectors of the economy: financial services, technology, construction/real estate, telecommunications, energy, consumer, distribution, pharmaceutical, professional services, logistics, entertainment, the media, industry, etc., and in all fields of business, both for local clients and for European, U.S. and Asian multinationals.


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