Mr. Patrick Mataix

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Patrick Mataix is founder and CEO of CEO Europe, continuing a successful and varied career in technology companies for over fifteen years.

Prior to founding CEO Europe, Patrick co-founded and managed VistaPrint ltd from 1996 to 2001 (, growing from 2 to nearly 85 staff in 4 countries (France, UK, Germany, US). Vistaprint is todate a strongly profitable business exceeding $10M quarterly revenues in 2003.

During 5 years of Vistaprint management covering 4 countries, Patrick :

restructured a loss maker brick&mortar business into a click&mortar business model in 18 months in the UK;

raised $13M in 3 rounds of financing and a potential $80M for an US LBO with European and US Private Equity and LBO funds;

lead the Marketing launch in the US from March to Sept. 2000 positioning VistaPrint from unknown into the top 200 US most visited sites;

conducted 3 major acquisition operations in the UK, in the US and in Germany (from $3M to $80M deals)

From 1993 to 1995, Patrick was European Business Development Manager for BT in multimedia service&equipment. Prior to joining BT, Patrick was Sales&Marketing Manager for Olivetti France for 5 years.

Patrick got a Msc in Computer Science Engineering (ESIM, France, 1984-87) and an MBA from INSEAD (1995-96).