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Gurdeep S. Hora

Gurdeep S. Hora is the Managing Director of Synergy HRD Consultants P. Ltd., a leading Executive Search and Management Consulting organisation of India.

Today, he is recognized as an eminent Management Consultant in the area of Talent acquisition, development and retention, Performance Enhancement, and developing Solutions, HR Systems and Processes for greater efficiency and reliability.

Mr. Hora had his first degree in Electronics Engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T), followed by Post Graduation in Business Management, and also in Company Law, all from Delhi.

Starting his career as a Management Trainee, he quickly became Executive Assistant to the Chairman of one of the top ten business groups of India. Growing through achievements in various commercial, marketing, technical, co-ordination and Human Resource Development functions, he led many cross-functional teams for better efficiency and business growth. This exposure developed a strong top-management perspective and commitment to training young talent.

For almost a decade thereafter, Mr. Hora worked in many countries as CEO & COO, leading business operations and consulting. He visited hundreds of plants and corporate offices, understanding and closely observing the management styles and working of hundreds of organisations in the Americas, the Continent, Asia and Middle East. This helped him extract the universal management principles and assimilate a truly global perspective to the issue of enhancing performance. He believes that both the lock and the master-key of an organisation lies in the human mind and the success depends on how the human talent is harnessed.

He has a strong entrepreneurial and team building approach and has helped set-up and manage companies as Chief Executive and Profit Centre Head.

In the international environment, he has travelled all over the world many times speaking at and participating in professional and management conferences in the US, Europe, Far-East, Middle-East, and, of-course, India. He has also been actively consulting and advising companies on various aspects of business and human resource development in the context of a truly global economy. He is also helping companies search and recruit globally competitive talent for operations in many countries.

After his return to India in 1989, Mr. Hora established Synergy Consultants, and has been helping organisations acquire, develop, grow and retain 'top-talent'. Also to evolve and implement strategies for changing HR / Management processes and practices to cope with the complexities of new technologies and collaborations.

He is an expert in the "human resource management and technology integration" issues and has done pioneering work in the Benchmarking of Best Practices in areas of Performance Management, Talent Acquisition & Retention Strategies, Compensation, Rewards, and many other human resource initiatives. He is often called-upon to speak and organise initiatives through conference-deliberations or strategic interventions in these aspects.

He has been a member of the HR-Experts Committees of Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India and Confederation of Indian Industry, an Invitee Member of the prestigious IIT Senate, a past President of the IIT Alumni Association, advisor to many Think Tanks, Business Programmes & Schools, a creative writer and speaker, an innovative thinker and a patient guide and trainer.

Some of his research / publications include:

Anatomy of a Strike: A diagnostic in-depth study of breakdown of management-labour relations in one of the highly efficient and highest paying manufacturing companies. It established the inescapable need for constant communication and changes in processes and systems to overcome the challenges of technology and environment.

Best Retention Strategies: An Indian Perspective to a global issue: Evolved the best retention strategies through a large survey of respected Indian Corporates. The study brought out the differences in approach in companies from different countries and cultures and highlighted the common threads. It established the predominance of job challenge over compensation issues in retaining top talent.

Perform or Perish: This path-breaking Benchmarking Study of the Best Performance Management Strategies of almost a hundred leading organisations was carried out to understand their performance enhancement systems and practices and to rank the crucial elements of performance and potential that they look-for in their employees for achieving greater organisational effectiveness and efficiency. The conceptual framework covered the practices viz. a viz. the global competition.

Performance Enhancement Continuum: The conceptual model covered the necessity of a continuous, pro-active approach to developing careers and organisations through enhancing employee performance.

Compensation Strategies: how organisations in different business and industry segments structure their compensation and rewards and how regional challenges can be encountered. Specifically brought out the differences in strategies between the knowledge, services and manufacturing sectors.

Role of HR Manager as a Business Manager: New paradigms in India

Linking Rewards with Performance of Shop Floor Professionals

Human Resource Management is a strategic Business Role

Strategies for Performance-Linked Compensation of Commercial functions

Aligning Roles with Competencies: problems of structure

Unspelt Voices: the silent performers

His articles on human resource and management issues are often published in major business journals. He is a strong advocate of integration of organisational processes with the human spirit of freedom and innovation in a barrier-less global business environment.

If you want Gurdeep S. Hora to speak and share his global experience of managing human resource issues and its various dimensions, please email us details of your proposal, conference, seminar or event and we shall revert to you about the possibility.
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