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The company based its core business around job matchmaking particularly between ready-to-graduate students and corporates in the 60s, further expanding into matchmaking of job change seekers, as well as real estate and rental information in the 1970s. By the end of the 1980s, the company was also engaged in the publication of classified ad magazines covering fields such as part-time job listings, automobile and overseas travel.

In 1988, the company was reported to be engaged in the so-called Recruit scandal, which led to the retirement of founder Hiromasa Ezoe from the company and his share being sold to Daiei, from which it became independent in 2000.

While expanding its channel for distribution information from paper publication to the net and mobile, the company has been pushing for a shift of their revenue from advertisement to "real" human resource provisioning. As a result, its share of consolidated revenue from human resource related business in fiscal ending 2008 has grown to 44.9% from 24.2% in 2005.

The company is currently headquartered in Marunouchi, in Chiyoda, Tokyo.

In June 2012 it was announced that Recruit plans to go public within the next year. A holding company will be established in October 2012, and it will be listed on either the Tokyo Stock Exchange or another exchange.[1]


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