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Company Profile:

mbm Consulting Partners is a consortium of Management Consultants, HR-Consultants and Coaches acting in Germany and Europe. In 2002 we were faced with the question of how we were to broaden our service horizon without diminishing our core competency. Until that date we had focussed solely on the Human Resource requirements of Information Technology- Companies, Chemie- and Cosmetic Industry.

2003 was a breaking point for mbm Consulting Partners. Through our customer-oriented network across most professional branches and services, we are able to deliver highest quality problem-solving concepts and work to fit the most discerning clients needs. We have made it our mandate to uphold our own core competency, while broadening our sector-specific capabilities through associated partners. During the very successful period of 1990 - 2000, we have gathered the experience and knowledge from numerous interim managers, consulting companies, training institutions and project managers. Today we can boast a substantial network of the required competency and know-how, with which we enable clients to set new goals - and reach them.

mbm Consulting Partners has been working with national and international companies since 1990. We offer our services to smaller as well as mid-tier and large concerns helping clients to fill positions in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Consulting and Support, beginning with qualified Account Managers all the way to Specialists and Senior Management. Alternately, independent Interim Managers, Project Managers or Software Specialists can fill these positions.

We are all about people and interactions, with our clients, our candidates and our consultants; we are interested in bringing the right people together. The best description of what our company does is Human Resources Management (HR-Management), which is the internal competency of the mbm Consulting Partners:

Human Resource Consulting and Executive-SearchOutplacement ConsultingEmployee Reviews / SelectionTraining / Management and Personality TrainingCoaching / one to one and Group CoachingInterim Management and SuccessorshipProject Management / Project Directorship

Foreign companies who want a presence in Germany use our services in the "Startup Phase". Not only do we provide a selection of potential candidates, but we also help by advising in the choice of location, form of incorporation and provision of appropriate human resources as well as real capital. Our interim managers make sure that the start up is a success. Our experienced Controllers and Interim Managers can analyze complex corporate situations in detail and provide plans to implement a workable solution for immediate action.

All mbm Partners have had successful careers in leading IT-Sector companies, and have gathered management experience over many years through hands-on experience. This qualifies us to know the market and the internal processes. We maintain qualified and competent contact to most of the renowned companies in the field. Discretion, reliability and high standards of quality are forefront and foremost to us.

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