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Kramer Westfield Search & Selection

Kramer Westfield was established in 1981. From conception, its purpose has been to provide recruitment services to specific vertical market sectors. These sectors have been technology-based (currently telecommunications, IT and Defence) and generally characterised by rapid change and excess demand for talent.

Within the confines of its specific markets, the company has then taken a broad view of the skills we recruit for and the methodologies we apply. Market specialisation gives a powerful insight to the recruitment dynamics that are prevalent within any sector and we are able to utilise that knowledge to source across all disciplines, from executive positions to less senior roles.

At the same time, we offer a range of recruitment services to reflect the variety of hiring situations that high growth markets require. This portfolio of services includes Executive Search, Advertised Selection, Integrated Assignments, Register-based Selection, recruitment events, international recruitment and managed agency agreements.

We have also developed ancillary services in areas such as psychometric assessment, remuneration assistance and outplacement/redundancy counselling.

Overriding our markets and services however, we pride ourselves on the approach and attitude we offer clients. Our consultancy team is exceptionally experienced, bringing a wealth of knowledge to any hiring task. The company operates against a strict ethical code and demands integrity and commitment from all of us. This has resulted in relationships with key clients over many years and an unrivalled reputation for quality and professionalism, albeit in a market where these are considered scarce resources.

Clearly it may have possible to have succeeded for more than 20 years in challenging and often turbulent recruitment market places without being focussed on a valued and ethical service. It may also have been possible to fool some of the people all of the time. In truth, this has not been our way and is why we are confident that our services may also be of value to your organisation.

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