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Cornerstone Search NZ Ltd  has been a member of the Cornerstone International Group since 2006 based in Auckland and offering value for money search services across a broad range of industries and sectors in New Zealand and beyond.

We have a close association with our neighbors and colleagues in Australia and across Asia. Prior to 2006,  the Principal, David Ealson, had nearly 20 years experience in recruitment. Although Auckland based, search activity is national and on numerous occasions, international.

Cornerstone Search New Zealand has built a reputation for delivery, even in difficult, candidate scarce situations. We use innovative approaches to bringing solutions to our clients, and have had referrals from competitors when they confront situations they were unable to resolve.

Cornerstone in New Zealand has a reputation for honesty and integrity; we have walked away from assignments which don't meet our standards, and where we consider our candidates have not been treated with respect or in a way that is unprofessional. We are also happy to decline work where we feel there are organizations better suited, or where a conflict of interest might be perceived.

We believe that we work in partnership with our clients, and know from experience, that the better the relationship with clients, the higher the quality of the results we deliver.

There is passion in what we do, and we stand by what we deliver!


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